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The Green11 Village Donation

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We are working on opening our third location and this is our own “Kickstarter” fundraiser!

Help us open the Green11 Village in Berkeley.

All Contributions above $11 will be displayed on our Webpage with your name if you like.

Contribution above $111 will receive a gift card, with 25% of the contributed amount.

green11 village

  • minimum donation is $1.11
  • we are not a non profit
  • the contribution is a sale and not a donation
  • we will not be able to issue a tax deduction to you
  • the contribution will be taxed as income
  •  30 cents per donation + 2.9% of the donated amount goes to paypal
  • so checks are welcome as well 🙂

green11 village street view


Other suggestions how you can help or if you have questions please contact us


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