Staying Green in Festival Season

Festival season is upon us and it’s time we all start planning to ensure our festival experiences are as green as possible. There is no reason why we can’t enjoy the sunshine, music and friends company with out leaving behind … Continue reading

Earth Day 2014

What’s your plan on April 22nd? Earth Day 2014 is just around the corner and the smell of festival season is popping up all over the city. This year Earth Day will be celebrated by over 1 billion people in … Continue reading

World Water Day

I’m sure we all know about Earth Day, but did you know about World Water Day? In only two weeks this holiday will be recognized worldwide. After the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development met and proposed the holiday … Continue reading

Eco tourism

  In 2014 be sure to take your green conscious on the road with you. Leaving your home for a much needed vacation shouldn’t affect your efforts to keep our planet safe. No matter where you go in the world … Continue reading

Green Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Store bought chocolates, cards and flowers are Valentine’s Day staples. Television ads bombard us with commercials that exclaim that the conventional Valentine day gifts are the only way to show your love for that special some, but we here at … Continue reading

Green Resolutions for 2014

A New Year comes with new opportunities to create habits that can benefit our world. This year as you make your New Year’s resolutions think green. Make 2014 the year you are committed to living a more eco-conscious life. Pick … Continue reading